Nemesis' first full length studio album is due out on the 2nd October 2011

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Nemesis' Discography

Against All Odds (2011)

Against All Odds Album CoverAgainst All Odds Inlay
  1. Born of Rage (Intro)
  2. Witchlore
  3. 'tim shade is gone (intro)
  4. Nemesis
  5. The Frozen Tower
  6. The Time for Lies
  7. Feyrie
  8. Hidden Truths
  9. Of Ice and Snow
  10. and on the seventh day (intro)
  11. Master
  12. Freedom and wrath (outro)

Run time - TBC

Ravaged by Fire and Axe (Reissued 2011)

Ravaged coverRavaged inlay
  1. Hades
  2. Shadowed
  3. Carnage
  4. Rabid Usage
  5. Vermin

Run time - TBC